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Jaume Asens tries to compensate his pro-independence profile

Jaume Asens intenta compensar su perfil independentista

What do Juan José Moreno Cuenca have in common, The Heifer, Y Carles Puigdemont? The two counted in their day with the advice and advice of Jaume Asens, lawyer, human rights activist and now a candidate for In Comú Podem to the general elections.

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The trajectory of Asens as a defender of multiple causes, especially linked to social movements, is long. But since the pro-independence party is underway, it has stood out above all for enthusiastically supporting the 1-O referendum and then the leaders prosecuted for rebellion. He advised Carles Puigdemont on his flight to Belgium and the president of Òmnium, Jordi Cuixart, asked to represent him at the Supreme Court trial. However, his proximity to sovereignty has not prevented him from becoming the strong man of Pablo Iglesias in Catalonia and piloting the candidacy of the commons to 28-A.

Now, his party wants to "empower" his activist profile, highlighting that Asens is more than Puigdemont's advisor and that he has an extensive social curriculum behind him. "We are not going to hide" their relationship with the independence movement, they say in the campaign committee of En Comú Podem, "but to broaden their profile, so that people know everything they have done".

The polls predict a collapse of the commons while ERC and PSC rise, the two parties with which the Podemos allies dispute the vote. Sharpening the activist record of his candidate could attract electorate from the socialist orbit and shield him from the criticisms of subordination to the independence movement that are raining from the constitutionalist side. Or at least that's what they consider on their team.

From El Vaquilla, to Xirinacs or 15-M

Among the causes championed by Asens, the common remember the defense of El Vaquilla, already in its last stage, or Lluís Maria Xirinacs in 2005. Also his role in the Palau case and in the papers of Bárcenas, as private accusation , as well as the defense of the PAH or the 15-M, among other groups.

The intention of his party is to present him as a "man of consensus", with the capacity to act as a bridge between sovereignty, Podemos and the socialists and thus contribute to undo the Catalan conflict. A strategy similar to that of the former leader of the commons, Xavier Domènech, during the autonomic campaign of 21-D, when he was in tandem with Elisenda Alamany, now Ernest Maragall's traveling companion in the municipal list of ERC. "We have the key", that of governability, which allows us to tip the scales to one side or the other at a time when pacts are inevitable, was the motto of his candidacy. The results of the Domènech-Alamany tandem were disastrous and the commons went from 11 to 8 deputies in the Parlament. It is, without doubt, a risky strategy.

Objective: a coalition government with the PSOE

The commons and Podemos have set themselves the goal of entering into a coalition government with Pedro Sánchez. They are presented as the guarantee that the PSOE does not agree with Citizens and thus avoid an Executive "to the dictation of the Ibex-35". "We want to advance socially and also resolve the situation in Catalonia," they say in the game. For this they will need to obtain results that the surveys do not grant them at the moment.

The campaign of the commons will start in Barcelona, ​​in the El Clot neighborhood. Asens will be surrounded by the city's mayor, Ada Colau, and other members of the candidacy, such as Gerardo Pisarello and Aina Vidal. Iglesias will visit Catalonia only once-he was at L'Hospitalet this weekend-and will star in the central act of the campaign, on April 24, along with Colau, Asens and Alberto. Before, the spokeswoman of Podemos, Irene Montero, will participate in an act on education. Colau, on the other hand, will not travel to Madrid to focus on the municipal elections in May.

It is also expected that Domènech, retired from politics and with whom Asens maintains a good relationship, will participate in some way in the campaign to show his support for the commons. A gesture that is not trivial after Alamany and Joan Josep Nuet, who has also joined ERC, used Domènech's exit to charge against the party and proclaimed themselves "heirs" of his short but intense political work.

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