Jason Sudeikis, the comedian who has made soccer fashionable in the US

Jason Sudeikis, in the series 'Ted Lasso'.

Jason Sudeikis, in the series ‘Ted Lasso’.
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Jason sudeikis he is on his way to becoming the actor of the year, on television. The winner of the Golden Globe has many ballots to add a new statuette to his record next September, in this case the Emmy, for its accurate characterization of Ted lasso in the series of the same title of Apple +, whose second season has just released the platform Apple +.

The role of the optimistic and charismatic American football coach who, without even knowing the rules of the game of the English League agrees to take charge of a London team in low hours, is giving endless joys to this solvent comic in which some colleagues They see many parallels with his character because of his human quality. He, on the other hand, claims that he was inspired by his father and his former coach to write it.

Born in Fairfax (Virginia, USA) in 1975, although he grew up on the outskirts of Kansas City (in Overland Park), Sudeikis went for an athlete and even entered university thanks to a basketball scholarship… that ended when the grades did not accompany him, which encouraged him to try his luck in comedy. The interpretation was not alien to him, since his own uncle, George Wendt, had stood out with the role of the phlegmatic Norman in the mythical ‘Cheers’. His example made him think that pursuing an artistic career, acting or whatever, seemed plausible.

Hardened in improvisation thanks to the ‘shows’ of ComedySportz and The Second City Las Vegas (group of which he was founder), his great ‘boom’ came with his signing in 2003 for the long-term ‘Saturday night Live’, first as a screenwriter and then as an actor. There he specialized in caricaturing the swagger of figures like the former president George W. Bush and the senator Mitt romney, until he left the show a decade later.

At the same time, I was chaining more television jobs (‘Rockefeller Plaza’, ‘The last man on earth’) and in the cinema, as in the funny ‘How to kill your boss’ and its sequel and ‘We are the Miller‘, which was increasing his popularity and the interest of the pink press.

Two children with Olivia Wilde

Your relationship with January jones (‘Man men’) in 2010 was his first acid test with the world of coated paper, which led to his love affair in 2011 with the actress and director Olivia wilde, chosen a few years ago as the sexiest woman in the world, already caught him with a certain table. With the interpreter of ‘House’ he has two children, Otis, born in 2014, and Daisy, in 2016, but not even the couple saved their marriage when the former One Direction Harry Styles conquered to his wife during the filming of ‘Don’t worry darling’.

Sudeikis and Wilde announced their amicable separation in November 2020 and many have wanted to see later in this break a certain parallel with his character as Ted Lasso, who in the first season also had to overcome a divorce.

Meanwhile, the actor has been dealing intermittently with the rumors that related him from time to time with Jennifer Aniston, companion in several titles on the big screen and who was one of his great supports during this sentimental slump. Now, ‘People’ magazine pairs him with another actress, Keeley Hazell, with which he has coincided in ‘Ted Lasso’.

Sudeikis himself is one of the ‘parents’ who ‘gave birth’ to the coach of the AFC Richmond that solves problems based on positive philosophy (and cookies), since it is based on the same character that he created with other colleagues for a series of promotional ads for the television coverage of the Premier League for the American network NBC Sports. His television relationship with the world of the ball has also served him to publicly combat racism when, in the presentation of the second season of the series, he posed in the ‘photocall’ with a shirt with the names of the three players of the English team that they failed the penalties of the final of the Eurocopa against Italy, lynched in the networks with racist insults. Ted Lasso continues to gain fans on the small screen, also among an American audience that may not have thought to be hooked on a series with European soccer as a backdrop, at the same time as Sudeikis in real life.


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