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Jason deCaires Taylor, artista del museo submarino de Lanzarote

It is the soul of Atlantic Museum, the creator of Europe's first submarine museum, located south of the island of Lanzarote. Your name, Jason deCaires Taylor, is unmistakably linked to underwater art, in the international scene. Pioneer of a new system of artistic expression, as well as a method of preserving marine life, this Briton, born in 1974, has been recognized by Foreign Policy magazine as the "Jacques Cousteau of the art world".

Precisely, all the projects of Jason DeCaires are inspired by one of the teachings of the French explorer: "People protect what they love, but we only love what we know." And that's what the British artist has been doing in recent years, transmit their passion for the oceans and in making the world aware of the need for its preservation.

His admiration for the sea and its inhabitants began to take shape when he was very young. From the age of seven or eight he had the opportunity to explore the waters of Malaysia and Thailand with his family and discover what 70% of our planet hides. Years later, when it had already graduated from the London Institute of Arts in sculpture and had been working more than twenty years as a diver and prestigious underwater photographer, verified the ravages that the man and the natural catastrophes were causing in some marine bottoms that had known in his beginnings.

And, then, to push the masses away from the most fragile marine habitats and express their concern for the future of the oceans, Jason DeCaires Taylor He devised the construction of an artificial reef with sculptures made of neutral pH concrete. A practical, alternative and, at the same time, artistic solution that allows to preserve the seabed, increase life in the oceans and educate the world in respect to a place that the artist considers sacred, a museum in itself.

In 2006, he created the first underwater park in the world in Grenada (Antilles), considered by National Geographic as one of the 25 wonders of the world. In 2009 he founded the Underwater Museum of Art (MUSA) in Cancun, described by Forbes as one of the world's unique destinations. Five years later, he submerged the Ocean Atlas in the Bahamas, the largest single sculpture submerged in the sea with 5 meters high and more than 60 tons.

And since the end of 2015, the British, with an English father and a Guyanese mother, He worked in the first submarine museum in Europe, that would locate in an area well protected from the winds and tides, south of the island of Lanzarote. For more than two years he worked in his workshop, located very close to the museum, in the marina of Marina Rubicon. There he made the 289 sculptures that make up the Atlantic Museum, taking as a model neighbors and residents of the island. Inspired by the magic of Lanzarote and of course, by the legacy of César Manrique, architect of that fusion between Art and Nature that dominates all the resorts, Jason completed the project at the beginning of 2017.

His work and his message are going around the world through innumerable international media. Without a doubt, it does not leave indifferent. We leave this video to you to know better the artist Jason deCaires Taylor and his impressive creations.


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