March 8, 2021

Jarabe de Palo: The concert that united Pau Dons and Arstides Moreno in Gran Canaria – La Provincia

The world of culture and every music lover is still mourning the death of Pau Donés, leader of Stick Syrup, after a long battle against cancer, as confirmed by his family in a statement. His simple, happy and intimate style with the influence of the Catalan rumba and Latin music conquered all of Spain from the second half of the 90s and Donés’ human character made everyone fall in love.

Among the different tributes that the artist has received, the artist from Gran Canaria Aristides Moreno highlighted the greatness of vocalist of Jarabe de Palo and remember a concert at the Agüimes Castle on November 21, 1997, in which the Galician “acted as the opening act for Jarabe de Palo, whom he hardly knew then he told me that if I went up with them to sing ‘The skinny girl‘I didn’t even know it so I improvised. We did not coincide again, it didn’t add up, but I always admired the simplicity and the light it gave off. My deepest emotion for your family. You will always sound, “he said on his social networks.

Concert ticket

The photographer Nacho González Oramas He broadcast that historic concert and has rescued from the archive the visual documents of the event.

This motivated many people from Gran Canaria to remember that event in which the talent of the Aragonese artist joined that of Gáldar, who that same year had launched his great success ‘Horcon Boys’.

The beginnings of Jarabe de Palo

The debut album of Stick Syrup it had come out in October 1996, but it had not yet taken off. He had barely sold 10,000 copies, but everything changed in the summer of 1997. A tobacco brand was behind the publication of a record compilation in which only songs in Spanish were found. That Duca2 Music would give way to one of the most remembered record sagas in music.

He Latin Character ad, a slogan that album would take and that ended up being his name, flooded televisions for several months. At a time when YouTube or Spotify were not and were not expected, ‘The skinny girl‘It became the song that everyone sang and asked about in record stores and radio stations.


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