April 16, 2021

Japn has the rightness that the Canary Islands lack – La Provincia

Japn has the rightness that the Canary Islands lack - La Provincia

The Canary Islands team looked up and could even get a better result in the first day of the youth tournament, played on a pitiful field and which had a hard time adapting, although that surface also hurt the Japanese team that adds three points thanks to the success that the team led by David Sosa did not have.

The party was entertained for the level of an autonomic selection with a majority presence of Tenerife players and another high competitive level like that of Japan. There were spaces to move the ball, combinations to the liking of the spectators and good goals. The first opportunity was July at 5 minutes. His cross shot ended in a corner and shortly after Ilies was about to stand alone against the Japanese goal.

But the Japanese were soon seen in attack with their technical players and very fast. A shot from Oda was taken by Isaac with Alvaro overcome, and then Matsuhashi made it 1-0 with a perfect cross shot and almost no time to recover the 2-0 with a good pass from Nakayama to Oda, who scores again after a dribble .

Japan had more ball and control of the game with those two goals. Canaries to what he could best, fought, but missed more shots. An excellent play by Matías on the right ended with a center that did not find a striker.

After the break the Canarian reaction was half-hearted. Ilies, the Tenerife forward of the YOU, he made everything perfect to put the 2-1, with his control and dribble to stay alone before the Japanese goalkeeper inside the area. This same player could make the 2-2 with a penalty sanctioned by Gamaliel Escobar for a push, but the Canarian striker threw it halfway up the right and the goalkeeper guessed the trajectory to stop him.

Japan recovered from the shock and knew how to preserve the advantage, although there was a goal not awarded by the referee to the Canarian national team.

The goalkeeper Álvaro also had his role with a great stop after a hard shot by Fujio and, finally, a corner executed by Ibra Barry, of Tenerife, the goalkeeper took him with merit.

Already in the last minutes there was no strength for more and despite a defeat that left scratch, the coach David Sosa was proud of the work of the players with whom he has to prepare the second phase of the Championship of Spain. More could not ask the Canary Islands because Japan has players who will be worth to see again in front of Serbia.


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