Japan's industrial production decreased 1.2% in August

Japan's industrial production decreased 1.2% in August compared to the previous month, according to data published Monday by the Government.

In relation to August 2018, the index fell 4.7%, according to the report published by the Ministry of Economy, Commerce and Industry.

The industries that contributed most to the decline in Japanese industrial production in the eighth month of the year were transport equipment (which excludes motor vehicles), iron, steel and non-ferrous metals, and that of oil and coal.

On the contrary, those who experienced the most significant advances were those of electronic devices and components; that of electrical machinery and electronic information and communication equipment, and that of general-purpose and business-oriented machinery.

According to data from a survey conducted by the Ministry with national companies, Japanese industrial production is expected to increase 1.9% in September, but decline 0.5% in October.

Industrial production measures the pace of Japanese factories and is considered key to anticipating the progress of the economy of the Asian country, highly dependent on the manufacturing sector.

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