Japan's CPI rose 0.8% last January

The consumer price index (CPI) rose by 0.8% in Japan last January compared to the same month of 2019, the Government reported today, the thirty-seventh consecutive monthly increase of that indicator.

With respect to last December, prices increased 0.1% in January, according to data published by the Statistics Office of the Ministry of Interior and Communications.

The variation in January of this indicator, which excludes fresh food prices due to its high volatility, remains far from the 2% target of the Bank of Japan (BoJ). Japan closed 2019 with an inflation of 0.6%.

Including all the concepts, the CPI had a 0.7% increase last January compared to the same month of 2019.

As for the sectors that most influenced the variation in January, the furniture and household items had a year-on-year increase of 2.7%, while education fell by 7.8%.


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