June 16, 2021

Japan will let older passengers leave the ship affected by the coronavirus

The Government of Japan will allow older passengers and those suffering from chronic illnesses to leave the cruise ship that is moored in Yokohama and in which 135 infected with the coronavirus have been detected soon.

According to the Kyodo agency from sources familiar with the case, these passengers could even be allowed to disembark today.

For more than a week, the Japanese Government has kept 3,600 people aboard the Princess Diamond cruise ship in quarantine (which should last until February 19) in order to avoid new infections in the country.

This new decision of the Japanese Executive responds to that 80 percent of the 2,666 passengers are over 60 years old, including more than 200 who are 80 years old or older.

Medical experts have determined that the stress generated by remaining so long locked in the boat can aggravate the health of many of them.

The Diamond Princess, of the American Princess Cruise Lines and that departed from Yokohama (south of Tokyo) on January 20 and returned on February 3 after stopping in Hong Kong, Vietnam, Taiwan and the Japanese ports of Kagoshima and Okinawa, was quarantined when it was discovered that a passenger who landed in Hong Kong was a carrier of the virus.

To the 135 confirmed cases on board the ship, which have all been transferred to hospital centers, Japan has registered another 26 cases of infection of the new coronavirus.


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