Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

Japan will help reduce the effects of the drought in a region of Honduras

Japan will help reduce the effects of the drought in a region of Honduras

The governments of Honduras and Japan signed an exchange of letters on Wednesday to support Honduran families of the so-called "Dry Corridor", affected by the drought, reported the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Tegucigalpa.

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To reduce the effects of the drought in the "Dry Corridor", which includes communities in the center, south, east and west of Honduras, Japan will provide 100 million lempiras (four million dollars).

The agreement was signed in Tegucigalpa by the Honduran Foreign Minister, María Dolores Agüero, and the Japanese ambassador accredited in Honduras, Norio Fukuta.

The exchange of notes is the result of the recent official visit, in March, of the Honduran Foreign Minister to Japan.

In a statement, the Honduran Foreign Ministry indicated that Japan responded to the international call made by Honduras in August 2018 to counteract the ravages caused by the drought resulting from the El Niño phenomenon.

The initiative is to meet the Assistance Project on Food Security and Recovery of Livelihoods of Small Scale Producers Affected by Drought for an approximate amount of 100 million lempiras, the official information adds.

The project will contribute to improve food and nutrition security in the inhabitants of the municipalities that comprise the "Dry Corridor", which are the most affected by the drought.

It is expected, among other benefits, that the communities affected by the phenomenon will have economic growth, poverty reduction and crop maintenance.

The areas that will be benefited are distributed in the departments of Choluteca (south) El Paraíso (east), Francisco Morazán (center) and La Paz (west).

The execution of the project will be in charge of the Permanent Commission of Contingencies (Copeco).

The project includes the donation of well drilling machines, submersible pumps, high pressure air compressors and water tanks, among other resources.

The Honduran Foreign Minister recalled that her country is "highly vulnerable to climate risks" and thanked the Government of Japan for having responded favorably to Tegucigalpa's request.

Japan contributes with Honduras in areas such as infrastructure, health, education and technical assistance, among others, which has made the Asian country a strategic partner of particular importance for the economic and social development of Honduras for 84 years.

The strong drought that currently prevails in the Central American country is affecting several regions because the rivers have dried up.


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