November 25, 2020

Japan recorded a current surplus of 169,990 million euros in 2019

Japan recorded in the fiscal year 2019, which ended last March, a current account surplus of 19.76 trillion yen (169.990 million euros / 184.490 million dollars), the government reported today.

The figure represents an increase of 1.4 percent compared to that registered in the 2018 financial year, according to data published this Wednesday by the Japanese Ministry of Finance.

The Government also published today the data corresponding to March, when the current surplus reached 1.97 trillion yen (16,945 million euros / 18,390 million dollars), marking its sixty-ninth consecutive month with a positive balance, although it represents a 32.1% less than the same month of 2019.

In the period between March 2019 and last April, the Japanese trade balance posted a surplus of 647.8 billion yen (5,568 million euros / 6,044 million dollars), 2.2% more year-on-year.

Exports fell 6.7% year-on-year to 74.91 trillion yen (643,991 million euros / 698,969 million dollars), while imports decreased 6.8% to 74.26 trillion yen (638,397 million yen). euros / 692,937 million dollars).

For its part, the services balance registered a deficit of 414.2 billion yen (3,560 million euros / 3,864 million dollars), 55.7% less than the previous year.

The one of rents left a surplus of 20.99 trillion yen (180.440 million euros / 195.840 million dollars), 2.5% less year-on-year.

That of transfers incurred a deficit of 1.46 trillion yen (12,550 million euros / 13,622 million dollars), 15.6% less.

The current account balance reflects income and payments from foreign trade in goods, services, income and transfers, and is considered one of the most comprehensive trade indicators in a country.


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