Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

Japan mourns the death of Wowaka, leader of the band 'Hitorie'

Japón llora la muerte de Wowaka, líder de la banda ‘Hitorie’

The fans of Wowaka They have mourned his death on Monday. The Japanese music producer died last Friday at 31 years of age due to heart failure. However, it has not been until today that the news has transpired.

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The bad news has been announced so much Sony Music Japan as the members of Hitorie, the band from which vocalist and guitarist. "We can not stop our tears", assured the components of the formation.

We can not stop our tears "

There were many fans who wondered why Hitorie he suddenly canceled his concerts planned in Kyoto and Okayama for this weekend. However, none of the followers will be expected to be the reason.

The relatives have assured that the funeral has already been celebrated in the strictest privacy. Despite not having been able to dismiss, his fans remind him of social networks, where they have managed to trending topic the hashtag #wowaka for a good part of the day.

Before the doubts of if the band would continue or not with its musical race, the rest of components, the bassist Igarashi, the guitarist Shinoda and the battery Yu Mao, have assured that, in spite of the fatality, they would continue giving concerts by long time.

The funeral has been celebrated in the strictest privacy

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