March 3, 2021

Japan maintains its intention to celebrate the Tokyo Olympics despite the coronavirus – La Provincia

Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, has reiterated this Saturday the government’s will to keep the Olympic Games scheduled for this summer in Tokyo despite the coronavirus.

“We are going to beat the infection and host the Olympics with no problem as planned “, Abe said in a press conference from Tokyo collected by Japanese television NHK.

The Olympic fire has already been lit in Greece, but its route has been reduced. The torch route through Japan is scheduled to begin in two weeks, specifically in Fukushima prefecture.

Furthermore, the Government has passed a law allowing Abe to declare a State of Emergency if necessary. “This law is to prepare for emergencies. When the administration decides to declare a state of emergency, it will restrict various private rights,” Abe said.

“There will be expert recommendations to carefully make this decision. Right now the number of infections continues to rise, but the speed is slower than in other countries. In this situation it is not necessary to declare a State of Emergency, “he argued.

Once a State of Emergency is declared, the prefecture governments will be able to order the closing of the schools and that the people stay in their houses. They may also requisition properties to convert them into emergency medical facilities.

It has been two weeks since Abe asked schools and institutes to close, but he defended that students can go out to exercise and reduce stress.


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