Tue. Feb 18th, 2020

Japan exceeds 70,000 centenary people for the first time

Japan has exceeded for the first time the figure of more than 70,000 centenarians, according to official estimates released today.

The data provided in a survey of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Welfare placed at 71,238 the number of people 100 years or older. Of these, 88% are women.

The same survey indicated last year by these dates that the Japanese centenarians were 69,785. This figure is five times the 12,256 centenarians recorded in the 2000 census, an increase that confirms the progressive aging of the population of Japan, a country with 127 million inhabitants.

The oldest person in Japan is Kane Tanaka, 116, who holds the Guinness record.

The data were provided on the eve of the Day of Respect for the Elders, a national holiday in Japan, celebrated next Monday.

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