Japan doubles investment in public debt in Spain

Japan doubles investment in public debt in Spain


The improvement of the credit rating of Spain has had an effect called among the most conservative international investors. Japan doubled its purchases of national public debt last year, coinciding with the improvement of the rating that two of the big rating agencies, S & P and Moody's, did to our country when returning the note "A". This has been advanced today by the Secretary General of the Treasury and International Financing, Carlos San Basilio, in his appearance in the Committee on Budgets of the Congress of Deputies.

San Basilio explained that the arrival of new investors has been one of the levers that has enabled Spain to significantly reduce its financing risk. Currently, non-resident investors hold 44% of the Spanish sovereign debt, while the European Central Bank continues to have a significant role and owns 20% of the portfolio, has pointed out.

In addition, the Secretary General of the Treasury has insisted that the institution is «Well prepared» to face the normalization of the monetary policy of the ECB, "although it is likely to be delayed next year" and recalled that although since January the central agency terminated the program of debt purchases, the maturities will continue to be reinvested for the time being .

"Spain has a very balanced macro picture and we are in a position to continue attracting investors," he said, adding that in the latest syndicated auction of the Treasury – which found a resurgence of appetite for public debt and triggered demand to 47,000 million- the weight of Asian investors exceeded 10% and, within them, most were Chinese.


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