Wed. Feb 26th, 2020

Japan cancels hundreds of flights and trains before the arrival of a supertiphon

The imminent arrival of the powerful typhoon Hagibis to Japan has caused the cancellation of hundreds of domestic flights scheduled for Saturday, as well as high-speed rail connections and other local and regional lines.

The typhoon, considered one of the strongest this season in the Pacific, will approach the southwestern half of the Japanese archipelago during Friday, and will move towards the center and northeast of the country throughout the weekend, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA).

The Hagibis has been classified as "very strong", the second highest intensity category of the JMA, and as it passes through Japanese territory it will leave torrential rains, wind gusts of up to 252 kilometers per hour and waves over 10 meters high in some points of the coast, according to the forecasts of the meteorological organism.

The Japanese Government has convened an emergency meeting to take the necessary preventive measures, and has recommended that the citizens of the center, the south and the west of the country avoid displacement and stay safe during the weekend.

The two main Japanese airlines, ANA and JAL, have canceled virtually all of the domestic flights – some 370 – that were planned from or to the two Tokyo airports (Haneda and Narita), and some of the air connections between Osaka (west of the country) and Chubu (center).

Nor will high-speed trains (Shinkansen) circulate between Tokyo and Nagoya (center), the operating company JR Central announced today, while other operators contemplate the interruption or total suspension of their regional and local connections in the southwestern half of the country.

The rains caused by the typhoon will reach a volume of 800 millimeters accumulated between Saturday and Sunday in the central region of Tokai, and 600 millimeters in that of Kanto, which includes the Tokyo Metropolitan Area, according to JMA forecasts.

The authorities warned of the risk of floods, landslides and accidents resulting from the detachment or displacement of objects due to hurricane winds.

The arrival of Hagibis has also caused the cancellation of two matches in the final part of the group stage of the Japan Rugby World Cup scheduled for Saturday, and could also affect the celebration of the Grand Prix of Japan Formula One planned for Sunday in Suzuka (center).

Also, given the growing influx of foreign tourists to Japan, the Government has enabled telephone lines and a mobile application in several languages ​​to provide updated information on the evolution of the typhoon, its impact on transport and safety recommendations.

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