Japan calls for "urgent" reform of the WTO following blockade of its appeal body

The Government of Japan highlighted today the "urgent" need to reform the Appellate Body of the World Trade Organization (WTO), after that instance was paralyzed by the US blockade.

Through a statement from the Japanese Foreign Minister, Toshimitsu Motegi, Tokyo stressed its concern over the crisis unleashed within the WTO, and stressed its willingness to "lead the efforts of the international community" to renew the WTO and restore the functions of the blocked organ.

The members of the WTO "have long shared their deep concern about the inability of the Appellate Body to play the expected role of it, which is to ensure a prompt and positive resolution of disputes," the statement said.

The note adds that the WTO "has not been able to adequately address protectionism" and "other unfair trade practices," and notes that at the G20 Foreign Ministerial Summit that hosted Japan last month, a strong message was already expressed. urgency about the need to reform "said organization.

The WTO Appellate Body is one of the most important tools for resolving disputes among its 164 member states, and was paralyzed at midnight on Wednesday due to the US refusal to appoint new judges required for its operation.

Since the arrival of Donald Trump to the presidency of the United States in 2017, Washington has consistently refused to approve the appointment of new judges for that body, so in recent years they have not been able to replace the vacancies that have arisen under the magistrates withdrew.

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