September 19, 2020

Japan avoids commenting on Kim’s alleged serious health problems

The Japanese government today declined to comment on alleged serious health problems from North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, although “it is always compiling and analyzing” reports on the country, according to an official spokesman.

“I know that news has come out. Japan is always collecting and analyzing the information very carefully,” Japanese Cabinet spokesman minister Yoshihide Suga said at his daily press conference.

Suga was asked about reports published in the United States that raise the possibility that Kim is in “serious danger”, according to CNN, after a recent surgery.

The CNN information cites an unidentified official US source, although other official sources consulted by the US network declined to comment.

He also did not want to do them in Tokyo Suga when he was consulted about it. “We will continue to look for information to analyze it, working closely with countries like the United States,” added the Japanese minister.

Official sources also consulted in Seoul by Efe also declined to comment on it.

Versions of Kim’s alleged health complications are known after the North Korean media did not show last week the North Korean leader participating in the traditional visit to the Pyongyang mausoleum where the remains of his grandfather Kim Il-sung lie.


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