June 24, 2021

Japan asks the US to extradite 2 alleged accomplices to Ghosn’s escape

Japan has asked the United States to extradite two citizens of that country for their alleged connection to the escape of former Nissan President Carlos Ghosn while he was on bail, official sources reported today.

The Tokyo District Prosecutor’s Office reported that the request affects Michael Taylor and his son Peter, who according to the Japanese authorities were responsible for Ghosn’s flight from his Tokyo home on December 29, and his arrival in Beirut, on a private plane, after a stopover in Turkey.

The two Americans were detained on May 20 in the state of Massachusetts, following a request from the Japanese authorities.

The prosecution released this Friday in Tokyo the Massachusetts order in which the Taylor extradition request is collected, according to the treaty between Japan and the United States.

The legal defense of Michael Taylor, 59, and his son Peter, 27, maintains that violating bail in Japan is not a crime.

However, the prosecution assures that both, along with a third person, George Zayek, of Lebanese origin, “contributed to the escape” of Ghosn knowing that he could not leave the Asian country, which makes them allegedly responsible for violating immigration laws. and “hide a defendant”

Ghosn, who was also president of Renault and the Japanese firm Mitsubishi, which together with Nissan form an alliance, was arrested in Tokyo on November 19, 2018 and accused of financial irregularities during his tenure at the helm of Nissan.

He fled Japan from Kansai International Airport in Osaka prefecture, months before the trial began, and from Beirut he declared to journalists that he was innocent of the charges and attributed his arrest in Tokyo to internal fighting in Nissan.

With triple nationality (French, Brazilian and Lebanese), Ghosn did not go through any immigration control in Japan, since, according to sources close to the former president of Nissan, he even hid inside a trunk to get to the plane that took off from Osaka.

He entered Lebanon with a French passport and a Lebanese identity card, according to the Lebanese authorities.


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