Japan announces humanitarian assistance for displaced Venezuelans

The Government of Japan announced today an assistance of $ 13 million to cover the humanitarian needs of communities of displaced Venezuelans in the countries of the region.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported in a statement that the largest sum, 3.6 million dollars, will be directed to Colombia in order to guarantee refuge to 5,200 people and social integration measures to some 40,000 displaced, among other items.

3.5 million dollars will be allocated to communities of displaced Venezuelans in Peru, 3.4 million dollars to Ecuador's and 2.5 million to Brazil's, all for different programs that seek to guarantee their minimum needs.

The assistance seeks to provide funds to buy food, blankets, tents and other materials in vulnerable areas, through the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

According to data from the Japanese ministry, which mentions UNHCR figures, in Colombia there are 1.6 million displaced Venezuelans, in Peru 860,000, in Ecuador 380,000 and in Brazil 220,000.


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