Japan achieved a trade surplus of 1,077 million euros in September

Japan achieved a trade surplus of 1,077 million euros in September

Japan registered in September a trade surplus of 139,561 million yen (1,077 million euros / 1,239 million dollars), reported the Government today.

The positive balance contrasts with the deficit of 438.448 billion yen (3.385 billion euros / 3.893 billion dollars) in August, but it is 78.7% less than that recorded in September 2017, according to data published by the Ministry of Finance. Finance.

Japanese exports decreased 1.2% year-on-year in September to 6.726 billion yen (51.936 billion euros / 59.745 billion dollars), while imports increased by 7% to 6.587 billion yen (50,863 million euros / 58,509) millions of dollars).

By country, Japan registered with China, its largest trading partner, a deficit of 370,211 million yen (2,858 million euros / 3,288 million dollars), which is 30.6% more than the negative balance obtained the previous year .

With the first economy in the world and its second commercial partner, the United States, the Asian country obtained a surplus of 590,260 million yen (4,558 million euros / 5,242 million dollars), which is 4% less year-on-year.

With the European Union, its third commercial partner, Japan registered a deficit of 20,805 million yen (160 million euros / 184 million dollars), compared to the surplus of 16,150 million yen (124 million euros / 143 million dollars) achieved in September 2017.

With Brazil, the Asian country reduced its deficit by 41.9% to 23,175 million yen (178 million euros / 205 million dollars), while in the case of the negative balance with Chile, it contracted by 1.4% 37.179 billion yen (287 million euros / 330 million dollars).

Japan managed instead a surplus with Mexico worth 57,002 million yen (440 million euros / 506 million dollars), although the figure is 9.6% less than a year earlier.


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