July 9, 2020

Japan achieved a current surplus of 13,372 million euros in September

Japan recorded a current account surplus of 1.61 trillion yen (13.372 million euros / 14.739 million dollars) in September, which represents its sixty-third consecutive positive monthly balance, the government reported today.

The figure represents 12.5 percent less than in September 2018, and a 25.12 percent decline compared to last August.

The Japanese trade balance left a surplus of 1,100 million yen (9 million euros / 10 million dollars), which is 99.6% less year-on-year.

The services showed a positive balance of 40,100 million yen (333 million euros / 367 million dollars), which contrasts with the deficit of 31,110 million yen (258 million euros / 284 million dollars) of the previous year.

The income, which reflects the returns on investments abroad, left a surplus of 1.81 trillion yen (15,042 million euros / 16,570 million dollars), 5.6% less year-on-year.

The transfer registered a deficit of 233.7 billion yen (1,942 million euros / 2,140 million dollars), representing a reduction of 51.8% year-on-year.

The balance of payments reflects payments and income from foreign exchange of goods, services, income and transfers, and is considered one of the largest commercial indicators in a country.

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