March 3, 2021

January closes with 76,216 more unemployed and the destruction of 218,953 jobs



The restrictions due to the third pandemic wave continue to crush the labor market in Spain in a traditionally bad month for employment by the end of the Christmas campaign. January closed with 76,216 more unemployed registered in the offices of the State Public Employment Service (SEPE), up to a total of 3,964,353 unemployed. On the side of the affiliation there was a destruction of 218,953 jobs with respect to the December average. However, despite the terrible data, the Ministry of Social Security argued that the drop in affiliation in January is “slightly less”, with a total of 18,829,480 employed at the present time.

The blow to employment is also cushioned by the cushion of temporary employment regulation files (ERTE), since the workers included are not counted as unemployed. The number of people under the umbrella of an ERTE amounted to 738,969 people in the first month of the year, 35,625 more than at the end of December, with which the employment scenario would be even worse in the event that these suspended jobs were counted within the figures stop. From Social Security they highlighted that the figure “has remained stable since the beginning of September despite the greater administrative restrictions to face the third wave of the pandemic.”

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