June 23, 2021

Jane Fonda, arrested for the second time during protest against the climate crisis

American actress Jane Fonda was arrested again on Friday on the steps of the Capitol in Washington, while participating in a protest against the climate crisis, after being arrested in the same circumstances last week.

The group Fire Drill Fridays (fire drill on Fridays), created by Fonda herself and organized the protest, reported on her Twitter account of her arrest and published a photograph in which the 81-year-old actress is seen , handcuffed and escorted by Capitol police officers.

In a video published this Friday by that group, Fonda is appreciated, allegedly before being arrested, giving a speech to the protesters in which he said: "Scientists tell us that the high point for a catastrophe will be eleven years from now" he indicated.

Even so, "there is still time if we move quickly and ambitiously to avoid the worst consequences starting with the transition now from fossil fuels to clean and renewable energy," said the interpreter.

Last Friday, Fonda was arrested on the steps of Congress along with a handful of protesters demanding government decisions to counteract climate change.

Fonda promised that he would continue these protests for the next 14 Fridays, which is the time the actress will be in the US capital. for the production of Netflix's "Grace and Frankie" series.

The actress has a long history as an activist in defense of several causes: In 1972, during the Vietnam War, Fonda made a visit to Hanoi and posed in some photographs sitting on a piece of Vietnamese anti-aircraft artillery.

Years later, the interpreter described as "a big mistake" that protest, which earned the nickname "Hanoi Jane".

For the current protests against global warming, Fonda has been inspired by Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, 16, who has prompted strikes by students around the world who demand attention to the problem of climate change.

"Greta has said that we have to act as if the house is burning," Fonda said in an interview last week to The Washington Post.

"I will call these protests the 'Friday fire drill," he added.

"You don't see it, but I have armor that protects me … I am 81 years old. There is nothing you can do to me. No matter what you do," Fonda said.

The "fire drill on Fridays" campaign has announced that the protests will continue until at least mid-January and they will be joined by "celebrities, scientists, economists and people from the affected communities."

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