Jane Fonda and Joaquín Phoenix move their fight for the weather to Hollywood

Actress Jane Fonda, after several months of protests in Washington in which she was arrested, moved her fight against the climate crisis to Los Angeles on Friday, where she was accompanied by Joaquin Phoenix, Brooklyn Decker and Rosanna Arquette, among other celebrities.

“We have learned, protested, sung, shared and have also arrested us together,” said the actress in front of the City Hall of the American city surrounded by several hundred people in a demonstration called just 48 hours before the Oscar ceremony.

“I am excited not only to be home, in California, but because this is the first line of the climate crisis. Literally what happens here can impact the rest of the US and the world,” said Fonda, 82 years, about the decision taken by its platform and the Greenpeace organization to move the demonstrations outside the US capital.

Fonda said that precisely in California, a state that if independent would be the fifth largest economy in the world, “the climate crisis is not an abstraction” with increasingly noticeable effects.

“The fires that have devastated large parts of the state, or the terrible diseases such as cancers, heart problems and asthma suffered by many who live near oil wells and refineries,” denounced the interpreter surrounded by activists, patients and doctors.

Celebrities such as Kate Mara, Bonnie Wright, Paul Scheer, June Diane, Rooney Mara, Rainn Wilson and Norman Lear also accompanied her.

In his speech, Fonda mentioned activist Greta Thunberg: “He says we have to act as if our house is on fire because it is.”

He also encouraged people to join “millions of students and young people who understand this challenge and inspire us.”

Both she and Phoenix will participate in the Oscars on Sunday, but before the preparations for the ceremony, they both joined the demonstration that departed from City Hall to the offices of one of the California-based oil companies, Maverick Natural Resources.

There, several protesters accessed the interior of the building while Fonda and other participants were held in the street by security forces.

In previous protests in the vicinity of the US Congress, in Washington, Fonda and Phoenix were arrested along with other activists as the visible face of the demonstration, since given its popularity the images became viral.

On this occasion Phoenix introduced the 19-year-old activist Nalleli Cobo, who for several years has organized the neighborhoods affected by the proximity to oil extraction areas and, in addition, has been diagnosed with a tumor related to this practice, she told the public.

Among other requests, protesters demanded to curb new projects to extract fossil fuels and reduce oil production.

In upcoming demonstrations, always on the first Friday of each month, the call will be moved to areas affected by these practices, Fonda anticipated.


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