Jan Marsalek, former Wirecard number two, entered the Philippines on June 23

Former Wirecard number two Jan Marsalek entered the Philippines on June 23 through Manila and, according to Immigration Office records, would have left the following day for China at the Cebu airport, although there is no trace of him in the security cameras of the place.

"What bothers me is the fact that it appears in the Immigration database. We want to know if it really came here or if it is just a technical problem," said Philippine Attorney General Menardo Guevarra Thursday night. in an interview with CNN Philipines.

According to Guevarra's information, Marsalek arrived in the country accompanied by his Filipino national wife, which allowed him to enter the Philippines despite travel restrictions for foreigners by COVID-19, and it is suspected that he has not left the country.

Marsalek, a 40-year-old Austrian, was dismissed on Monday from his position as chief operating officer of Wirecard, the number two overseeing the efforts in Southeast Asia of that German electronic payments firm, which yesterday declared insolvent after falsifying its accounts. .

Immigration is investigating whether Marsalek is still in the country, while the National Bureau of Investigation has opened an investigation into the involvement of several Filipinos in the possible Wirecard fraud, since 1.9 billion euros have disappeared from their accounts.

The Philippines is investigating the role in the case of Philippine lawyer Mark Tolentino, who served as Wirecard administrator and opened several accounts in the Philippines, although he has denied involvement in any wrongdoing and has offered to collaborate with authorities.

Tolentino was undersecretary of the Department of Transportation until 2018, when he was relegated by President Rodrigo Duterte.

The missing money corresponds to bank guarantees from the Philippine entities Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) and BDO Unibank, although both entities have denied that Wirecard was their client and claim that the documents that prove the guarantees are falsified.

Former CEO of the company, Markus Braun, is on bail in Germany after being accused of inflating the turnover and the balance sheet with simulated income, charges that are also imputed to Marsalek.

Wirecard, which appeared to be a highly successful technology company and came to replace Commerzbank in the Frankfurt selective in September 2018, was accused of accounting irregularities in Asia and money laundering in 2019 by the newspaper "Financial Times".


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