March 5, 2021

James says no to Naples for a reason

Real Madrid starts the preseason and if James does not return with the team it is because he is still on vacation after playing the Copa América with Colombia. He is a Real Madrid player, although not for a long time. Neither Zidane has him or the Colombian wants to be directed by the French, who did not finish especially well last season.

After Kovacic and Llorente, in Real Madrid they trust that James is the soccer player who leaves money in the club. But it was thought in Naples, which was the most interested club. With Ancelotti on the bench, the Italian club considered that James could become a key player. It was with Carlo on the white bench when the Colombian midfielder best met.

The figure handled was 45 million for the transfer. However, James, according to Gol Caracol, from Colombia, does not want to go to Italy and would have stopped talks. The footballer knows the interest of Atlético de Madrid and he likes that option more. It would be to stay in the capital, where he was personally happy when he was at Real Madrid.

Atlético will have money as soon as he receives the transfer from Griezmann, that's why Atlético's anger when Barcelona told him he wanted to pay in installments. The red and white entity has already paid 40 million for Llorente and more than 130 for Joao Felix. He is investing like never the Wanda club and it seems he wants to continue.

Simeone loves James because he gives him something he does not have in excess: imagination in a midfield built to hold, to destroy and block, but not to hurt the opponent. The left foot of James is a delight if the player is in a favorable environment and has desire, which does not always happen.

Real Madrid preferred to go to Naples to not reinforce a rival of LaLiga, but James seems willing to stand up to dress at rojiblanco.

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