James Rhodes positive for coronavirus: "I feel absolutely terrible"

The pianist James rhodes has announced on its social networks that it is positive in coronavirus. The well-known musician has wanted to leave a message on Instagram to his followers. "Well my Christmas is screwed up," he begins.

He is not the only known character who has been infected with covid-19 in the last days. This Monday, Rafa Nadal confirmed his positive after having dinner with the king emeritus.

So, this Tuesday Rhodes left a clear message to his followers with a photo of a positive antigen test: "Although I want to say this: this year I married the most incredible woman, a child protection law came into force that made Spain in the number one country in the world for child safety, I received my Spanish passport, published a book, gave some concerts in incredible places and I overcame a depression that, at times, threatened to overwhelm me completely. All in all, a year of motherfucking", He has written.

"I am now Covid positive and I feel absolutely terrible. I'm in bed with a pain that you shit. But I am thankful for so much. Much. And I wish you all the best possible end of the year ", he asserted to add that" I am without a family for Christmas and Kings but I feel that here in Spain I have an adoptive family always close. Thanks from my heart".


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