Mon. Feb 17th, 2020

James Costs promotes his role as Hollywood ambassador to Spain

James Costs, US ambassador In Spain during the Government of Barack Obama (2009-2017), he continues his role as promoter of relations between the two countries now from Hollywood, where these days he has hosted a meeting that aims to bring Spain's opportunities to the film industry.

"Spain has a lot to offer, it has the most diverse and impressive landscapes in the world. It is a country with a lot of creativity, hospitality and has outstanding infrastructures and transports," said Costs before executives of the main US producers such as Disney, Sony Pictures , Netflix and HBO.

The role of Costs as an honorary ambassador has been fundamental for the celebration in Los Angeles (USA) of the "Shooting in Spain" conference, which for two days has put the main companies in contact from the USA and Spain to stimulate their collaborations.

Although the diplomat left his position in Madrid in 2017, the "romance" he lived -as he describes- with Spain has led him to bet decisively so that the country becomes a preferred partner of the United States. in the film industry.

"It is a pride to be able to continue being an ambassador, a title that is not lost," he said to explain his enthusiasm for the initiative.

In addition to being a great connoisseur of Spain, Costs is also a part of the audiovisual world, as he was one of the main executives of HBO before he received the diplomatic commission from Obama in 2013.

At the headquarters of HBO, as part of the conference, a group of representatives of the main Spanish and American companies held meetings to enhance the shootings in Spain and also for the Spanish industry to take advantage of the opportunities of California and the rest of North America.

Costs himself mentioned the success that meant for his company to locate several scenarios of the successful "Game of Thrones" in locations in Andalusia and the Basque Country, which provided authenticity to the series and also provided a boost in tourism.

Beyond HBO, another content giant like Netflix was set in Spain to install its first large production center in Europe, opened in Madrid this year.

"The characteristics of Spain also benefit the US," said Costs on this interest in Hollywood to leave its usual headquarters and for which many of its eyes are on the Mediterranean country.

To culminate his support for the initiative, the ambassador opened the doors of his house to enhance collaboration between the two countries, with a reception that had executives from the great US studios, a gold brooch that also put the Spanish cuisine and its valued wines as representatives of height.

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