May 15, 2021

James Cameron discovers ‘The Secrets of the Whales’ for Disney +

Filmmaker James Cameron.

While preparing the four sequels of ‘Avatar’ (2009), James cameron has had time to devote himself to discovering ‘The Secrets of the Whales’ in a Serie what premieres Disney + April 22, coinciding with International Earth Day.

This original production of the platform, in addition to being directed by the laureate James Cameron, has as an incentive the narration of the actress Sigourney Weaver.

The four-episode National Geographic series, also produced by the ‘Avatar’ director, will immerse the viewer in the epicenter of the different species of whales: Killer whales, humpback whales, belugas, narwhals and sperm whales, and you will learn about their “extraordinary communication skills and social structures.”

Thanks to the knowledge and talent of National Geographic explorer and photographer Brian Skerry, on the series moments filmed for the first time of this type of fauna will appear, such as the recording of a baby sperm whale feeding or how 30,000 humpback whales travel the coast of Australia towards Antarctica and use the movement of their tails to talk to each other.

‘The Secrets of the Whales’ was filmed over three years in 24 locations around the world and, according to a statement sent by the platform, this “epic” trip shows how whales are “much more complex and more human-like than we could have ever imagined.”


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