Jakob Ingebrigtsen, so close and so far from power with Africans in the 5,000 meters

For a moment, young Jakob Ingebrigtsen thought so, that it was possible. He saw it. I was where I wanted to: on the last lap of the 5,000-meter test of the Doha World Cup in the lead group. The Norwegian phenomenon is the European champion also 1,500. It has a good ending. And he began to throw ... Before time. He looked back and thought that the three Ethiopian athletes, Edris, Barega and Bekele, gave way. There was also the Canadian of Somali origin Mohammed Ahmed and the American-Kenyan Chelino. It was Africa, queen of the fund, against the young Jakob, who could feel like it and who was wrong in his assessment. The Ethiopians were not giving ground, they were preparing the final thrust. And in the last corner, in the absence of the last 150 meters of the 5,000 of the test, it was already seen that the Norwegian, although he continued first, would not be able to. They passed him as planes Edris and Barega, to leave for gold (it was already two years ago in London) and silver, respectively, without discussion. It could be the bronze for the youngest of the Ingebrigtsen, but neither. The forces abandoned him. He did not give for more. His body stopped, collapsed, in that state in which not even the power of the mind is sufficient: as much as you want, however much the goal is there, that it is a final push, you don't go. And Jakob almost jogged, with the body poisoned by lactic acid, also surpassed by Ahmed (bronze) and by the third Ethiopian, Bekele. The European athlete was so rushed to the last line that he threw himself to the ground exhausted as soon as he overcame it. It took a while to recover the constants.

His great merit is that the Africans took him into account. They counted on him and that was why the strategy was clear: to pull fast from the beginning to turn the stadium around twelve and a half turns into hell. There were relays, first one, then another, that the rhythm does not stop. The Ingebrigtsen brothers, because they are three, kept at the end of the group at the start, with their pristine bangs up and down with each step, after each stride. Two kilometers away, Henrik, the elder, with his mustache and Freddie Mercury, lost contact. The other two accelerated to leave with favorites, and hostilities began. In the 4,000 meters, the elbows and the thrusts, repeated in the curves, the stumbles while looking for the best position. And Filip, the middle one, succumbed in the absence of 500 meters, shortly before his brother began to think so, that it was possible. But no. The plan of the Ethiopians worked. They wanted to go so fast for that. They forced Jakob to run almost faster than the 5,000 (13: 02.93 did, when his best record is 13: 02.03). Edris and Barega went down from 13 minutes, the barrier at this distance.

Who thought and knew it was possible was another Norwegian, also repelled, Karsten Warholm, king of the 400 hurdles although it is one of the tests with the highest level of the championship, with three men below 47 seconds. And the three were gold (Warholm), silver (American Rai Benjamin) and bronze (Qatari Samba). But the world record did not fall.

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