Jaime Serra installs a climax to the exhibition “Friction Science” at the CCCB

Barcelona, ​​Jul 20. (EFE) .- The artist Jaime Serra has installed his work “Time-Life-Time” in the lobby of the 2nd floor of the Center for Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCCB), within the framework of the exhibition “Science friction. Life between companion species “.

In the installation, the author takes a historical tour of the milestones that have marked the evolution of the rights of nature since the mid-twentieth century and makes them dialogue, in an ironic and suggestive way, with elements present in the exhibition itself and with others from of popular culture and mass media.

“Time-Life-Time” closes the last chapter of the exhibition dedicated to the movement for the rights of nature.

According to these rights, animal and plant species, as well as rivers, mountains, valleys or ecosystems, have to be protected for their intrinsic value, regardless of their usefulness to humans.

With this installation, both epilogue and autonomous piece of the sample, the author explained this Tuesday in the presentation that he makes “a very personal review of this current trend of environmentalism” through some thirty pieces in various supports and graphic registers (collages, photographs and various objects).

According to its author, “Time-Life-Time” presents two levels of reading: On the one hand, it is a historical journey through the milestones that have marked the evolution of the rights of nature through books, events, organizations or relevant personalities ; and, on the other hand, it puts these references in dialogue with other elements that expand, distort or resignify them, playing with the limits between reality and fiction.

These elements, coming from popular culture and the mass media, as well as from the exhibition itself, are passed through the ironic and suggestive filter of the author.

Journalist and multidisciplinary artist, after working for thirty years in the writing of different reference media in Europe and Latin America, Serra exceeds journalistic conventions by exhibiting the same proposals published in the press and in art spaces.


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