June 14, 2021

Jaime Ayarza kisses the bronze – La Provincia

The bronze of the pride. The island sailor Jaime Ayarza (Real Club Náutico de Gran Canaria) conquered third place in the Optimist Championship of Spain for Autonomies, held recently in Murcia. Despite enjoying a significant income, as he faced the final day as a leader, he accused the effort but did it again. There is no room for dejection for this new talent.

The sailor could not maintain the leadership he held and ended the event behind Marc Mesquida, winner of the event, and Xavier García -who was silver-.

In this youth category, Jaime Ayarza was listed in all the pools as a great candidate, but it was not his day. He started out from the cinema with a 4th place, in the second and last he signed a 33 and together with a 29 that he achieved in the first round of the championship, he made him drop two places, concluding third.

Marc Mesquida (CN S’Arenal) has been in the line of the grancanario, one of lime and one of sand. He scored 28 in the first of the day, his worst partial while the rest had good numbers, joining the triumph in the last round of the championship and that was going to encourage the Balearic to take the national title. The silver went to Xavier García (RCN Palma) who has managed to maintain a good regularity in the four days, although yesterday he followed the path of his podium teammates, with a bad result and another good one: 23-2.

Silver for Miguel Padrón

Nicola Sadler (CN S’Arenal) was the leader on the last day and knew how to defend her first place in women thanks to her good work. Brilliant victory in the first race of the day and a highly disputed third place in the second and last of the day.

With just two points difference (53-55) Marisa Alexandre Vicens (CN Creek Gamba) took the silver after after trying after getting 2-4 sets, although the 26 achieved in yesterday’s only test has taken its toll. The podium closed with the Andalusian María Castillo (RCM and Tennis Punta Umbría), with 3rd and in the first and a 58 in the last.

Regarding the sub 13 category, the men’s podium was made up of Tim Lumbat (CV Port D’Andratx), followed by Miguel Padrón (RCN Gran Canaria) and Juan Benassar (RCN Palma). Review the great of the Gran Canaria, who recorded his ability, at the most complex point of the event. With everything against it, he never threw in the towel and is among the best.

On the other hand, in females, Alba Moreno (CR Madrid), belonging to the Madrid Sailing Federation, was crowned authoritatively. The podium was completed with Marisa Alexandre Vicens (CN Cala Gamba) and María Castillo (RCM and Tennis Punta Umbría)

As for the Autonomy Championship, which includes the total balance of the sailors of each territorial federation, the title fell to the Balearic Sailing Federation.

The Andalusian Sailing Federation, meanwhile, has collected the title of champion of Spain by Teams, a victory that was achieved this past Friday. The Balearic Sailing Federation, second classified, and the Sailing Federation of the Valencian Community, third, have accompanied him on the podium.

The delivery of trophies has been held at the facilities of the Juan Montiel de Águilas Sports Port, with other personalities assisting Marina Munuera, General Director of Mobility and Littoral of the Region of Murcia; the councilors of sports and Turismos de Águilas, Cristóbal Casado and Ginés Disiderio Navarro respectively; Arturo García, president of the Sailing Federation of the Murcia Region.

It was a day for the epic, in which new talents such as Ayarza and Padrón captivated by their technique against diamonds.


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