March 5, 2021

Jail, vaccines and Serrano ham

The Government has announced that will eliminate prison sentences for crimes of expression. The reform will only punish behaviors that “clearly” pose a risk to public order or the provocation of some type of violent incident and only with dissuasive penalties, not deprivation of liberty as is currently the case.

The detail remains to be known, but the Ministry of Justice advances that it will consider that those “verbal excesses” committed “in the context of artistic, cultural or intellectual manifestations” remain “outside of criminal punishment.”

Cases come to mind for all of us. Jail for a song, jail for six tweets, jail for an artistic provocation. The last case is that of Pablo Hasel, who has until Friday to turn in voluntarily and enter prison for a series of tweets and songs posted on YouTube. Some days ago he told us in an interview that he did not intend to voluntarily enter prison and that he will not ask for a pardon, because he does not consider that he has done anything wrong. This revision of the law is late for him.

Vaccines are not the end of the pandemic

Pfizer came to say it in a document for its shareholders and now one of the three researchers comes to tell us From the Oxford Laboratory: Vaccines are not the end of the pandemic. If anything, they will allow us to turn the tables and for humanity to have control of the situation and not the virus as before. But the number of variants and how long it will take to immunize all the inhabitants of the planet will make the eradication of COVID-19 very difficult in the short term. “The ability of the virus to mutate means that we have to live with it for years and we may need a new generation of vaccines,” explains Andrew Pollard.

Another expert, researcher Sonia Villapol, speaks in The Conversation about long-term effects of COVID-19. We do not know yet if they will be sequelae for life, but at least 50 burdens have been identified that carry the most affected patients. The most common are fatigue, headaches, attention deficit disorders, hair loss, dyspnea, and anosmia.

We lower contagions, but. The number of people diagnosed with coronavirus in Spain continues to decline day by day, although the decline is by no means a free fall. And deaths keep going up: over 900 this weekend.

Russia gets it even unintentionally

Russia has managed to interfere in the election campaign in Catalonia. But it has not been with bots, nor with fake news campaigns, it has not even been very on purpose. Join me in the story of a carambola turned into pre-election controversy:

Josep Borrell goes to Russia on behalf of the EU and goes wrong. In response to criticism from Borrell, the Russian foreign minister He says that in Spain democracy will not be so good if there are “political prisoners” in Catalonia. They ask about the Russian minister’s statement to Pablo Iglesias in the newspaper Ara and he answers that it is clear that in Spain “there is no full political and democratic normality” due to the situation of the independence leaders. Carmen Calvo answer back to Iglesias who disagrees “absolutely”.

And so we are in the last days of the campaign.

Data. Surveys predict that the abstention of the 14F can grow by up to 20 points, which boosts the Junts and leaves the supporters of independence above the absolute majority.

Hoaxes. The hoaxes that try to sneak you during the campaign in Catalonia to spread hatred against immigrants, collected by the people of in Deslambre.


Do not pass

  • Bárcenas wants a confrontation with Rajoy. If Mariano Rajoy denies in the National Court that there was a box B in the Popular Party, Luis Bárcenas will ask for a confrontation with him. Obviously Rajoy is not going to incriminate himself, so we’ll see if the former treasurer is bluffing. The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office believes that for now much ado About Nothing.
  • With the ham we have come across. Alberto Garzón’s Ministry of Consumption is developing a label to indicate how healthy each product is. It seems that the Serrano ham does not appear well standing, andThe Iberian lobby asks for the ‘pardon’ you have already obtained the oil.
  • More camouflaged advertising from influencers, who try to convince you that they have easily won a lot of money at an online bookmaker. Spoiler: is a lie and skims the scam.
  • Energy poverty. The number of households with a social bonus for electricity sinks after the automatic extension ends: 146,477 fewer beneficiaries.
  • Club House. A new app is spreading among communication and technology professionals. It is called Clubhouse and it is used for meetings only by audio. For now it is only for iPhone but there are people doing interesting things. Find me if you are too.


In today’s chapter …

  • Chess boards. The Netflix series ‘Lady’s Gambit’ makes you want to play chess even if you don’t know. And many people have wanted to play with exactly the same boards from the series, which have been made in Barcelona. Replaced Ferrer It has sold 30,000 boards in two months, when they usually made about 18,000 a year.
  • Contagion. Pablo Iglesias is not the only public office who uses series and films for political inspiration. British Health Minister Matt Hancock took as reference ‘Contagion’, a premonitory 2011 film about a virus originating in pigs, for the UK’s successful vaccination strategy. According to his advisers, he kept citing her in meetings.
  • The last of us. The British minister was impressed by Contagion and I was overwhelmed by playing The Last of Us 2 video game in the midst of a pandemic, where an infectious fungus has spread through humanity, although the plot is almost an excuse. The political, psychological and feminist background of the story is overwhelming. An adult game, a 30 hour interactive immersive series, about who they are ‘ours ‘and’ the others‘.

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