Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba wants you to work 72 hours per week

El fundador de Alibaba quiere que trabajes 72 horas por semana: “Serás más feliz”

The founder of Alibaba, the largest Chinese e-commerce company, has shaken the networks this weekend by defending the journeys of twelve hours with a single day a week of rest, known as '996' (from 9 in the morning to 9 at night and 6 days a week).

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Jack Ma, the first fortune of the Asian giant with 35,000 million euros and active militant of the Communist Party, maintains that to survive in your company you have to make marathon days. "If you want to join Alibaba, you have to be prepared to work twelve hours, otherwise do not bother joining," he said in an internal meeting. "We do not need people who want to work the typical eight hours," he said. In fact, he believes that working in these conditions "is a great luck".

Marathon days

The road to greater happiness?

Far from recanting, Ma defended his position on Sunday in the Chinese social network Weibo, the largest in the country, generating strong criticism among sailors and more than 100,000 reactions. Ma speaks of making "a greater effort" than the average worker, so that his future "is happier" than that of ordinary people. While acknowledging that making people work until exhaustion is "inhumane", some want to do it.

Workers walk next to the logo that presides over the Alibaba offices in Hangzhou, China

Workers walk next to the logo that presides over the Alibaba offices in Hangzhou, China

"Those who can follow a '996' schedule are those who have found their passion beyond monetary gain," he said. But netizens do not 'buy' their theory. "The bosses work with the model '996' because they do it for themselves and their fortune is growing," commented one person in Ma's post on the networks. "We work twelve hours because they exploit us, and without compensation for overtime," said another. "It's nonsense," said a third.


A not so controversial position among entrepreneurs

"We do not need words that are correct, we need sincere words to make people think," Ma said of the criticism. His position is shared by other figures such as Elon Musk, of Tesla Y SpaceX, which stated that to achieve results you must work up to 80 hours per week.

This week, Richard Liu, founder of JD.com, another Chinese e-commerce giant that employs 178,000 people, said that his company has grown "vagos", which he does not consider "brothers" - equal - within the company.

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