October 25, 2020

Jacinda Ardern achieves an absolute majority in New Zealand elections after her lauded management of the pandemic

The Prime Minister of New Zealand, Labor Jacinda Ardern, declared her victory in the elections held this Saturday in the oceanic country, in which it is projected that the Labor Party will have an absolute majority in Parliament to govern this time without the need for alliances .

“New Zealand has shown tonight the strongest support for the Labor Party in at least 50 years,” the 40-year-old president said in her victory speech given in front of her euphoric co-religionists in Auckland city, after opening her speech in Maori language. .

With nearly 83.5 percent of the votes counted, Labor won 49 percent of the vote, giving them 64 seats out of 120 in the New Zealand Parliament, while the opposition National Party won 27 percent. of the votes, which translates into 35 parliamentary representations

The opposition National Party, led by the conservative Judith Collins and which has changed its leader three times this year, has so far accumulated 26.4 percent of the votes, which translates into 35 seats, according to the Commission’s count. Electoral. If the Labor Party reaches an absolute majority, which seems quite likely, it will be able to govern alone, although if necessary it would again ally itself with the Green Party, its traditional ally and with whom it formed a government coalition in 2017 together with the nationalist formation New Zealand First. (NZF).

The scrutiny so far indicates that the Greens would get 7.9 of the votes and the minority ACT, 7.8 percent, a result that would allow it to occupy ten seats each in Parliament, from which the NZF could be left out of the deputy prime minister Winston Peters, by failing to get 5 percent of the votes needed for legislative representation under New Zealand’s complicated electoral system.

Green Party co-leader Marama Davidson congratulated Ardern in advance on her “extraordinary victory”, being “proud” of the success of her training in the elections, while Peters said in a speech that “elections are about democracy. “when congratulating” the winners “.

Will burn, praised worldwide for its management in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, will have to lead the economic recovery of New Zealand, which this Saturday also held two referendums to decide on the legalization of recreational marijuana and voluntary euthanasia.

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