J.K. Rowling reveals that she has coronavirus but is already “completely recovered” – La Provincia

The famous creator of ‘Harry Potter’, J.K. Rowling, has revealed that he might have suffered coronavirus and that he is recovering from the disease caused by Covid-19. The writer wanted to share her experience and shared a video in which a health professional explains how to alleviate respiratory symptoms.

It has been on social networks where Rowling has declared to be “fully recovered” of his symptoms, which were mild. “Please watch this video from Queens Hospital explaining how to alleviate respiratory symptoms. For the past two weeks I have had symptoms of Covid-19 (Although I have not done the test) and decided to follow the doctor’s advice. I am fully recovered, it helped me a lot, “she wrote on Twitter.

The author wanted to thank the words of support from her followers and the public. “Thank you for your messages of support and love! I feel completely recovered and I wanted to share these techniques that the doctors recommend, it does not cost anything, it does not have side effects and it can help a lot, both for you and your loved ones. Stay safe“he continued writing.

Being mild symptoms, the writer preferred to follow medical advice from home and thus avoid going to the emergency room, to avoid contributing to the collapse of hospitals.

Rowling is one of the leading British figures in the English version ‘ Stay at home’, with which it encourages social responsibility to abide by confinement and, in the event of leaving, maintain the so-called social distance.

Recently, the author announced the launch of the platform ‘ Harry potter at home‘, c on which to offer activities for Harry Potter fans who are complying with the preventive quarantine at home.


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