J.J. Abrams makes the leap into the DC Comics universe with a series for HBO Max

Director J.J. Abrams, responsible for the latest installment of the "Star Wars" saga, will produce three new series for the HBO Max platform that include a fiction from the DC Comics universe, "Justice League Dark", and a drama inspired by the Stephen King novel, "The Shining".

They are the first productions that result from the millionaire agreement that WarnerMedia closed with Bad Robot the company of Abrams and his wife, Katie McGrath, which has hit titles such as "Lost", "Fringe", "Westworld" or the relaunch of "Start Trek. "

In the announcement, no further details have been given about the DC Comics series that will mean Abrams' jump to the DC superhero universe (Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman ...), after the end of the Star Wars galactic saga.

In the DC comics, "Justice League Dark" is a group of characters with supernatural ties that first appeared in 2011 and includes John Constantine, Swamp Thing, Madame Xanadu, Deadman, and Doctor Mist, among others.

The only representation of this group of superheroes on the screens was with an animated film from 2017, while the factory has worked for years in an alleged film with flesh and blood actors that will now become a series.

For its part, the second fiction will be a horror thriller called "Overlook" that will be inspired by "The Shining", the Stephen King novel that Stanley Kubrick took to the cinema in 1980.

According to HBO Max, the plot will take place in the mysterious hotel of the book with several of its characters.

Finally, "Duster", the third series, will be a drama that will narrate the escape of a driver who works for a crime syndicate in the USA. during the seventies of the last century.

"It's an incredible way to start our partnership with the imaginative Bad Robot team, led by J.J. and Katie," HBO Max content director Kevin Reilly said in the statement.

All series will complete the catalog of HBO Max, the future content platform that WarnerMedia prepares and with which it hopes to compete against Netflix and Disney +.

HBO Max will include HBO, DC Entertainment, CNN, TNT, TBS, The CW, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim and Looney Tunes, among others, in their offer.


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