J Balvin will premiere "Juntos Imparables", dedicated to Hispanic entrepreneurs

Miami (USA), Jun 21 (EFE) .- Colombian J Balvin will publish on Wednesday the song "Juntos Imparables", a song dedicated to Hispanic entrepreneurs and small businessmen, one of the groups most affected by the pandemic of coronovirus.

The song, which will be released via TikTok, a platform widely used by Hispanic entrepreneurs, is for the artist a reminiscence of his beginnings before reaching fame, a period in which he painted houses, among other works, while making his way into the music industry.

"I understand exactly how difficult it is to be an entrepreneur or a small company," the singer told Efe about the reasons for his involvement in the campaign, designed by the courier and parcel company UPS.

This reggaeton figure announced last year that he suffered from covid-19 and in May, during the Vax Live virtual concert to promote vaccines against the disease, he revealed: "It almost killed me."

"We all have blessings, whether it's our health, our family, or just the ability to see each other. Between having covid myself and having so many of those other blessings paused last year, it made me focus on appreciating those things we take for granted and encouraging others to do the same, "he told Efe.

Part of that reflection has been aimed at finding balance, which is why you take time for meditation and to be with your loved ones.

"One of the things that the last few years have taught me is that I can't be the best for the world if I don't take care of myself. Having time to clear my mind and being with my family centers me in a way that is essential," he said.

Part of this was seen in the recent documentary "The Boy From Medellín", which, as he pointed out, offers a "real and honest" image of him: "And the honest image is that, no matter how hard I try, I am not perfect. I am also a human being! "

All these experiences made the Colombian not hesitate to get involved in the UPS campaign, for which he exclusively created this song, which will premiere on TikTok so that Hispanics can promote their small businesses on this platform.

As part of this campaign, the firm has donated $ 150,000 (more than 125,000 euros) to the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC), in order to provide funds for affected Hispanic business owners by the coronavirus.

The initiative also includes the launch of a new series of bilingual limited edition boxes with works by Mexican graphic designer and illustrator Luis Pinto, including "Challenges are our fire."


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