June 24, 2021

IVI presents the definitive guide for families of two mothers – La Provincia

Motherhood knows no limits or conditions; It is an experience that any woman should be able to experience if she wishes. This is one of the reasons why, in Spain, there has been a growing increase in the number of couples of two women with children. According to data provided by IVI, treatments for couples of women who have made the decision to be mothers through assisted reproduction have grown by 37% in the last three years, a figure that is expected to increase in the coming years.

In 2018, there was a total of 2,512 marriages between couples of two women, according to the National Statistics Institute (INE). Weddings between women already exceed weddings between men, something historical since the marriage in 2005 was approved. An increase that results from visibility and normalization of family diversity in society, but it is also enhanced by being an indispensable requirement for enroll the children of two women in the Civil Registry, except in some autonomous communities such as Catalonia.

“Social structures evolve and as a result new family models emerge. Our goal is none other than to try to adapt to this evolution and make available to any woman and couple the best options to fulfill their desire to be a mother. And The best way to achieve this is to improve every day, knowing your needs in detail and looking for ways to satisfy them from all the areas that make up our centers, always moving forward together. Because this path to motherhood is shared, “he says Diana Guerra, head of the Psychology Unit of IVI Barcelona.

This guide, available on the IVI website, was born with a clear goal: to help those couples of women who are or are considering being mothers and have doubts about the process, legislative aspects, the time to tell loved ones, and even to reveal their origins to children. In addition, it has real testimonies from other couples of women who have embarked together on the adventure of motherhood, stories of courage, overcoming and determination that their protagonists have decided to share with other women who, like them, share the illusion of being mothers together.

An image of the colloquium.

“The support is key in every way. From the moment they enter our door they have a hand to solve any question and shed light on their greatest uncertainties. And now, thanks to this guide, we make it a little easier; we can be closer to all of them and accompany them one step further“adds the psychologist.

The presentation of the guide, moderated by the journalist and writer Carme Chaparro, has had the participation of the influencer Alba Paul; the head of the Psychology Unit of IVI Barcelona, Diana Guerra; Carla Montaner, IVI patient who has already been a mother with her partner; Y Marta Fernandez, founder and CEO of LesWorking (international professional network for lesbian women).

IVI intends that this guide be a fundamental point of support for all the couples of women who are in this situation, and that from it they have all the necessary information to choose the best way to create their family. Why Being a mother is a free decision that any woman should make with enough tools and all the help at your fingertips to make this path an unforgettable experience.


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