March 5, 2021

Iveco opens an internal investigation in the case of the employee who took her life after filtering a private video

The President Industrial and Special Vehicles of the CNH Industrial group and the Iveco brand, Gerrit Marx, has assured that the company has opened an internal investigation to clarify what happened with the leaked video of an employee of the Madrid plant who ended up committing suicide.

"We continue to collaborate and cooperate in the development of investigations initiated by the competent authorities. For our part, we also initiated an internal investigation to clarify the facts and, if necessary, take appropriate measures," Marx said in an interview with Europa Press

The manager said that, from the first moment the company was aware of the situation, Iveco offered all its "support and advice" to the worker, treating the situation with the "maximum confidentiality".

"As regards the partner who passed away last month, the first thing is to reiterate, on behalf of the whole group, our deepest condolences to the husband, children and other relatives, partners and friends and our utmost respect for protecting their honor and image, "he said.

In addition, the manager confirmed that from the company they reject any behavior that represents an attack on privacy, as well as with that it involves discrimination, that is harmful to any worker or that violates their rights. "Our commitment remains zero tolerance," said the president of Iveco.

On his side, the CEO of CNH Industrial, Hubertus Mühlhäuser, said, in statements to Europa Press, that the consortium will do "everything possible" so that a situation like this "does not happen again." He also explained that from the CNH Industrial group they want to reiterate their commitment of "zero tolerance" in relation to what happened.

The 32-year-old worker took her own life after reaching her co-workers a video of her recorded years ago. She was worried about what her husband would say if she saw it, something that finally happened after it was broadcast. At that time, the woman suffered a nervous breakdown and, the next day, committed suicide.

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