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"I've done a master's degree in sex but I'm lacking the nag"

"I've done a master's degree in sex but I'm lacking the nag"

ANDn 1994, with only 20 years and bicolor hair, Mónica Naranjo, the «panther of Figueres», launched her first album in Mexico. With that jet of voice and that feline force, he sold more than a million copies. After that 25 years, the career of the Catalan has known great successes and some downturns, but the biggest overturn he lived in the personal field a little over a year ago. After his divorce, he returns with a tour called "Renaissance" and a sex program for television. And unlike what he asked for in that song, he does not need to be untied.

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- What remains of that brave spirit of 25 years ago?

-I'm still very brave and unconscious. I have always thought that life rewards the brave, and the roll of going to bed thinking what I should have done takes away my sleep. I know that I will never regret having taken the step I had to take, but I can regret not having done it. If at the end we're going to die the same!

- He has titled the tour «Renaissance», why?

-Because there have been many changes in my life. Last March it seemed that I had passed a train over, but I realized that in the end God takes away all that remains.

- That's why he has been reborn?

-Yes, because life, after 16 years of sharing it with a person and re-awakening and being independent and still young, you feel that it is giving you a new opportunity. And that opportunity is precious.

-I suppose you suffered too?

-Yes, but pain is what makes you evolve and I welcome it. Without moments of pain, you do not learn or grow. You have to accept it and look for the way again. That's it, nothing happens.

-It has given him an apprenticeship.

-Much. In the end the people who go through life and agitate you and disappoint you, become great teachers and you have to thank them. It is done.

-What have you learned?

-A not away from the source.

-From the source?

-Yes, of my essence. Sometimes you think that you should get away from what you are because the person you are with does not feel good about you being that way or certain things that you had fallen in love with, and you change.

- That is, now you are at your best.


- It's going to premiere a TV show about sex.

-We were talking about what happens in a person's life when you've been married for so many years. The two partners of the program and I were before we started. When we started, we had all separated, it seemed that it was predestined to happen. And then we have understood why. Because we've gotten into every place ... (laughs)

-Do they speak of their own experience?

-No, of sexual practices around the world. And we have met lovely people, very generous. Willing to share with us their most intimate secrets. It was nice because we left Spain with a plan, but when we arrived at the destination, people felt good about us and helped us make more contacts. We went to parties or we knew couples.

-What is the weirdest thing you have seen?

-The one that has impacted me the most is a gentleman at a monthly party that takes place in Tokyo where people are going to express themselves, to be themselves. And you had to disguise and you were from Mario Bros to Candy Candy or characters created by them. I dressed as a sadomasochist and my partner the same. And there was a gentleman who wanted to be kicked in the testicles, but nothing of mime. He was upset if they were not strong.

-And he did?

-Yes. And he got excited by that.

-What have you learned about sex?

-I have always thought that sexuality you think you know everything, and the simplest base do not know. The most important thing to enjoy is to have rapport with the couple. A friend told me that he does not know how to put pig with his partner. You have to separate things. One is your partner, who you adore, the father of your children, for example. And then there's the gentleman who moves everything. That saying "lady in the street and whore in bed", then look, the summary is that.

- And that is necessarily lost with a long or lasting relationship?

-It depends. I have found couples that do not, establishing patterns and moments well. The children arrive and all the sexual energy disperses. And that can not be. Father you will always be, but encounters must be had. Leave the children with the babysitter or the "yaya" and spend a crazy weekend. And sometimes we forget about that.

-I mean, that people will learn.

-Clear. I have a master's degree in sex, and what I have left. Now I need the nag to put it into practice (laughs).


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