June 14, 2021

IVAM: A feminicide counter in Valencia | Society

IVAM: A feminicide counter in Valencia | Society

The rear facade of the Valencian Institute of Modern Art (IVAM) has since Monday a "feminicide counter" with which StoolStreetArt, an artistic initiative, wants to highlight the need to continue promoting actions against the macho violence, according to statements collected by Europa Press. The back of the IVAM has been for decades a vacant lot, but the Generalitat recently began to qualify it as a garden open to the neighborhood that will house sculptures by artists such as Andreu Alfaro, Miquel Navarro, Vicente Ortí and Ramón de Soto.

For the moment, at the base of an old industrial chimney appears the brief message "Feminicides, Spain, 2019" next to number 1. In several social networks the artist has issued, under the heading "accountant of shame", the same message : "On January 3, 2019 the first feminicide was committed of 2019 in Laredo, Cantabria. The accountant collects the number of women murdered during 2019 and will be updated as the figure varies. "

That recount ended last year with 47 women killed by their partners or ex-975 since there are official records in 2003-. It was the lowest figure since there was official registration and the profile was that of a middle-aged woman (17 were between 41 and 50 years old), murdered by a couple with whom she also lived (it happened in 28 of the cases) and that There was no prior complaint (only 14 had done so). And according the VioGen system, the tool for monitoring the crimes of sexist violence used by the police, in November 2018 there were 476,718 registered victims and a total of 525,830 cases, of which 57,096 were counted as active (2,303 more than the final figure of the previous year) : 16 considered as extreme risk, 183 high and 5,478 medium.


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