October 21, 2020

IU wants De La Vega to clarify to the Congress if it maneuvered in favor of Botín

IU wants De La Vega to clarify to the Congress if it maneuvered in favor of Botín

The federal coordinator of IU, Alberto Garzón, has requested the appearance in the Congress of the president of the Council of State, María Teresa Fernández de la Vega, to clarify her supposed maneuvers when she was vice president of the Government in favor of the president of Banco Santander, Emilio Booty.

These efforts stem from a conversation recorded by former commissar José Manuel Villarejo, currently in pretrial detention, where the then vice president reassures a Santander charge before the judicial problems that Botín had in the National Court in the case of loan assignments.

The content of that dialogue of February 4, 2005, appears in one of the reports supposedly commissioned by BBVA from the Villarejo company, with the registry of thousands of telephone calls made without judicial authorization, according to several media reports.

Garzón, deputy of Unidos Podemos in Congress, wants De La Vega to appear before the Constitutional Commission of Congress to explain "her performance, when she was vice president, assuring an executive of Banco Santander that the president of that entity should be calm with a pending trial because the Government had already resolved it. "

BBVA reported yesterday that in June 2018 it launched an investigation into the contracting and services provided by Grupo Cenyt, a Villarejo company, and admitted that the published information, "if true, would have an undoubted seriousness."

According to this information, the bank chaired by Francisco González then hired the services of Grupo Cenyt between 2010 and 2017, which included listening to businessmen and members of the Government, among others, especially during the period in which the construction company Sacyr wanted to take control of BBVA.


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