IU MEP Sira Rego, candidate of the Left to preside over the European Parliament

At the moment, there are two women in the running to preside over the European Parliament from January. The Maltese Roberta Metsola, candidate of the popular, and the Spanish Sira Rego (IU), designated by the group of La Izquierda (the group of Podemos, IU, Syriza, France Insoumise, Die Linke …). Rego, head of the IU delegation in the European Parliament and federal spokesperson for Alberto Garzón’s organization, He already participated in the race to preside over the European Parliament at the beginning of the legislature, in July 2019, when the Italian socialist David Sassoli prevailed by virtue of the agreement between popular, socialists and liberals to share the main positions of the European institutions.

The 'popular' elect the Maltese Roberta Metsola as a candidate to preside over the European Parliament

The ‘popular’ elect the Maltese Roberta Metsola as a candidate to preside over the European Parliament

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According to that pact, from January the presidency should fall on the German of the CSU Manfred Weber, frustrated candidate to preside over the European Commission, in the hands of his compatriot Ursula von der Leyen. Weber did not want the presidency of the European Parliament and has chosen to continue as president of the popular in the European Parliament, which has opened the battle in Brussels while the replacement takes place in Berlin between Angela Merkel (CDU / CSU) and Olaf Scholz ( SPD).

Indeed, the fact that the conservative family has lost Germany in favor of a pact between socialists, greens and liberals has given wings to the European social democratic family, which does not want to be left without the presidency of any European institution at a time of decline of the popular ones.

And in that redistribution of the cards, the socialists in the European Parliament have already shown their willingness to contest the presidency of the Chamber, without officially appointing any candidate, although the current president, David Sassoli, is in their ranks.

The popularFor their part, they chose Maltese Roberta Metsola after Spaniard Esteban González Pons resigned from the race.

In this context, the parliamentary group of the Left has appointed Sira Rego this Wednesday, waiting for the movements of the socialists – if the candidacy of Sassoli or someone else, such as the Spanish Iratxe García or the German Katarina, becomes official. Barley–; the Greens – who might be inclined to support a Socialist candidate while considering putting forward a proper name, as happened with Ska Keller in July – and the Liberals – mostly seem inclined to vote for the EPP candidate.

Candidacies for the presidency of Parliament can only be presented by a political group or by one twentieth of the members, that is, 35 MEPs. To be elected, a candidate must obtain an absolute majority of the valid votes cast, that is, at least half plus one.

Voting is secret and blank or invalid votes are not taken into account when calculating the majority. The election is developed by a system of rounds – with a maximum of four – until one of the candidates gets half plus one of the votes cast. In the event that no candidate has obtained the required majority in the first three ballots, only the two candidates with the highest number of votes will participate in the fourth and last ballot.

After the election, the new president takes office and can speak a few words before the election of the 14 vice-presidents and the five quaestors.

“Far right and ecosocial crisis”

Rego’s candidacy comes “at a time, and in a context, in which we have two great challenges: the rise of the extreme right and its war against human rights, and the ecosocial crisis”, in his own words: “The The answer to these challenges is feminism, environmentalism, public services, the welfare state and quality employment. To achieve this, we need a different type of European institutions and a different type of governance in Europe. ”

Rego was elected MEP for the first time in May 2019, after having worked in a cooperative for projects related to food sovereignty, and being a councilor in Rivas Vaciamadrid, with responsibilities on housing, sustainability, mobility and the environment.

“Every day we see how immigration policy, anti-women policy, anti-LGBTI policy and the demolition of the Welfare State are a reality in Europe. We need a collective response. An answer that offers a future, that gives hope, that mobilize people. ”


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