IU attributes the debacle of Por Andalucía to its "incident" start and considers the process of Yolanda Díaz "more necessary"

Izquierda Unida got its candidate, Inma Nieto, to be the candidate for the Presidency of the Junta de Andalucía in the convulsive negotiation with Podemos for the creation of the coalition Por Andalucía –of which Más País, Equo, Alianza Verde and Andalusian People's Initiative. That is why this Monday, just a few hours after the debacle of the candidacy in the elections to the Andalusian Parliament on Sunday, it was the leadership of the IU and not that of Podemos that appeared before the press to assess these results.

The confluence of the left and Adelante Andalucía pay their division into two candidates in seats

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In 2018, the unitary coalition Adelante Andalucía –in which almost all the parties of Por Andalucía were integrated– obtained 16.19% of the votes and 17 seats. Going separately, the sum of Por Andalucía and Adelante Andalucía stayed last night, however, with 12.31% of the support, 24% less than four years ago. But, in seats, that sum only obtains seven, 59% less than when they concurred together.

IU's spokeswoman, Sira Rego, has acknowledged "that the result has not been good, it has been unmitigatedly bad." "We have not been able to break the framework of the campaign and place the left with government options," she assured, at a press conference.

But Rego has also attributed the debacle to the "incidental" process of creating the brand, due to the error and the economic consequences -mainly, access to subsidies- that meant that finally the alliance headed by the candidate for the Presidency of the Immaculate Board Nieto registered without the name of Podemos when there were barely three minutes left before the deadline to present coalitions ended.

“The conclusion is that this is not the case”

All of this, said the IU leader, "has not helped" and neither has "the division" of the left. All this, she has said, "reinforces the idea of ​​the importance of the unity of the left." "While waiting for a deeper analysis, the conclusion is that it is not like that," she added. She later explained that "things have not been done correctly", so she has asked "to look for different ways of doing them". "The process could be improved, it can be improved, neither the deadlines nor how things have been resolved have helped", she has riveted.

With everything, Rego has considered, however, that the result of Por Andalucía not only does not harm the process of the second vice president and Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, but also makes it "more necessary than ever", considering that we are " in a different political cycle that requires a process of clear unity of the left” that must “incorporate more sectors”. "What is reinforced is that Yolanda's project is more necessary than ever," he insisted.

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