June 17, 2021

Iturralde, Capdevila and Paula Gonu join Esperanza Aguirre and Soy Una Pringada as contestants on ‘Celebrity Bake Off’

Iturralde, Paula Gonu and Capdevila.

Iturralde, Paula Gonu and Capdevila.

The recordings of ‘Celebrity Bake Off’, the new bet of Amazon Prime Video For the entertainment, they are already underway with twelve celebrities ready to show their baking skills. Among them are the former referee Eduardo Iturralde, the ex-footballer Joan Capdevila and the influencer Paula gonu, as YOTELE has known exclusively.

The world of sport will be very present in the format produced by Boxfish tv with the signings of Iturralde and Capdevila, who in addition to wearing the shirt of the Spanish team was a player for Espanyol and Deportivo de la Coruña, among others. For his part, Gonu is one of the best-known influencers in the country and has 2 million followers on Instagram.

These three names are in addition to the two confirmed by the platform last Tuesday: Hope Aguirre Y Esty Quesada, better known as ‘I’m a pringada’. The former president of the Community of Madrid and the youtuber are two of the star signings of ‘Celebrity Bake Off’, which, as this portal announced exclusively, will feature Paula Vazquez Y Brays Efe as a pair of presenters.

This is ‘Celebrity Bake Off’

In ‘Celebrity Bake Off’, twelve contestants will compete each week for the award for the best amateur pastry chef in the country. Under the watchful eye of two expert judges, they must demonstrate that they are capable of reaching the established level. Every week, the worst contestant will have to say goodbye to the most famous tent in the bakery.

The program has Edi Walter and Mariano Tomiozzo as executive producers of the 10 episodes of 50 minutes that make up the production. The format has been adapted in 35 territories around the world, including Brazil, Kenya, Thailand and France.


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