Iturgaiz says that the Urkullu government has acted like Sánchez's, with "chaotic management" of the pandemic

In a statement, Iturgaiz stated that the SATSE Euskadi Nursing Union has informed him that the Covid-19 crisis has caught both governments "unprepared", "unprotected" and "deprived".

At the meeting with the candidate Carlos Iturgaiz, accompanied by Carmelo Barrio and Laura Garrido, responsible for health in the Basque PP, both delegations agreed on the analysis of "the deficits" that the management of the Basque Government of this crisis has presented.

"Deficiencies - Iturgaiz has pointed out - that have had to do with the lack of protection material, reduction of the requirements of the protocols due to this lack, insufficient personnel, scarce training, lack of coordination in the decisions to be implemented in the different Health Organizations , among other issues. "

The popular leader has also confirmed what the PP has been denouncing for a long time and that "the evidence only confirmed: that there has been too much improvisation and an absolute lack of foresight."

Likewise, during the course of the meeting "the need to give greater recognition and value to the role of nursing, the need to resize primary care, the increase in nursing staff and ratios, enhance the specialization of the group , as well as increasing spending on protective material and reinforcing training, "Iturgaiz explained.


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