June 15, 2021

"It's there, we have to take it into account and nothing else"

"It's there, we have to take it into account and nothing else"

"Vox is there, the Andalusians have accredited him in the political scene, we have to take him into account and nothing else," Gonzalez said in an interview with Onda Madrid, collected by Europa Press.

Also, asked about the concerns of Sanchez regarding the radicalization of his party, the deputy secretary has ruled that "there is no problem" in this regard, ensuring that the PP has presented a "very solid" after having "evidenced" a "very tough" opposition.

Also, asked if his party believes that the 12 seats obtained by the formation of Abascal are at the expense of the PP, Gonzalez has indicated that the popular have not been surprised by the rise of Vox.

"We are awaiting a deeper analysis to know the change that has occurred, but we are happy," he said after being asked about the fall of seven seats registered by the PP in Andalusia.

"The emergence of these parties is a constant in the countries of the European Union, which has been given by an economic crisis and immigration, we expected that Andalusia would happen and has been," has settled.

"Andalusia has given us a very exciting result because after forty years the situation can be reversed and a government of change can be formed", González assured, later indicating that his candidate for the presidency of the Board, Juanma Moreno is working on the coincidence of "exciting" projects and ideas.

On the other hand, criticized the appearance in the monographic plenary session on Catalonia that Sanchez offered yesterday in the Congress assuring that "it did not clear the very serious doubts of what is happening in Catalonia". According to González, in Genoa they are "very worried" about the crisis in that community and have once again insisted that the PP will offer its senators for the application of article 155.


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