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'It's ours' shows the profile of two engineers and one designer - La Provincia

'It's ours' shows the profile of two engineers and one designer - La Provincia

The second installment of It's ours, program that this luns emits the Canarian Television at 22.25 hours, will show the viewers of the autonomic chain the profile of three islanders who succeed abroad. In this edition, the space he directs Fatima Martín del Toro is interested in the day to day life of Alberto Martín, General Manager of Luton Airport (United Kingdom); Elena Corchero, designer and reference when creating smart clothes, e Iliana Cárdenes, engineer specialized in research on climate change.

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The new proposal of the Canary Television - thirteen 45-minute episodes have been recorded - bet on spread Canarian talent through an audiovisual trip through 11 countries. Artists, architects, scientists, chefs, managers, designers, businessmen, engineers, humanists, doctors.

Around 80,000 kilometers traveled, 39 job profiles and 29 cities. These are the keys to a proposal that was born to unite in a single idea talent and desire to excel. The team of reporters It's ours He dedicated four months to give shape to an adventure that began at the moment in which the protagonists decided to start a new professional life away from the Islands with the intention of one day returning to their homeland.


Alberto Martín, General Manager of Luton Airport, is specialized aeronautical engineer in airports by the Polytechnic University of Madrid. He is currently responsible for the daily operation and strategic management of this British site. In addition, he is the representative of the shareholders of his company. Previously he was director of planning and investment in the remodeling project of the same airport managing an investment of 160 million pounds, was president of the Regional Airport Forum of ACE-Europe until 2017, and occupied the address of the Gran Canaria airport six years .

Elena Corchero is designer and world leader in wearable clothing (smart clothes). He has been working on the project for a year The House of the future of the company Unruly. She is the founder and creative director of Lost Values, the company in which she has excelled in her sector and which has become her own brand. In addition, he has just received the Women and Technology 2018 award in the United Kingdom. Winner of multiple awards and considered one of the three innovators of the year in the United Kingdom in technological matters, she has managed to get her work published in Europe, the United States and Asia.

Iliana Cárdenes is Engineer specialized in climate change research and expert in the analysis of water resources. The Canarian, who works for the University of Oxford, is part of a team of experts that advises governments on climate change from different perspectives: research and economic development are part of a unit of study that aims to raise awareness about the damages that the planet suffers.


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