«It's okay for girls to play with boys»

«It's okay for girls to play with boys»

PHe was a key player in Barça and one of the engines of La Roja, Patri Guijarro (Palma de Mallorca, 20 years old) had to separate from his family to pursue his dream: to be a footballer. Today is a woman and an example for the smallest.

It is included in the list of the 100 best players on the planet, what happened, right?

You are right. I did not expect at all to be with Irene Paredes, Jenni Hermoso and Alexia Putellas. It is an honor.

What do you think you have done to be there? This is my fourth year playing at Barça, the best club in Spain. Here you advance. I have also been with the absolute. From the first moment I arrived here and since I was in the national team I wanted to be a very receptive person to learn. I have tried to evolve and learn as fast as possible.

He started playing with boys. I have always played with boys. I started in the team in my neighborhood, where I spent three years with children. Then I went to Collerense, another team from my neighborhood, where there was already women's soccer in Primera. I was there for two years and then I went to Barcelona.

Has it helped you play with boys?

Yes. When we are small it is good for girls to play with boys more than anything because of the power, strength … This mixed football that is being created little by little is beneficial for us. The quality of course we have it.

He arrived at Barcelona at the age of 17. Was it hard to separate from your family?

I knew he wanted to leave. I had not thought about it between first and second year of high school, but rather facing the university, but the offer came to Barcelona and I could not refuse it. It was hard, especially the first year. Separate yourself from your family, new people, new city, new habits … It's always hard, but in the end you adapt. Here everyone has helped me and everything has been easier.

He is an indisputable owner. Was such a quick adaptation expected?

Once you come to Barça and you meet some of the best players in Spain, the truth is that it hits you and you say: "Well, I'm here to learn." It is not easy to adapt. It seems easy to play at Barça, but it is not. The first two years cost me a lot. Little by little I am adapting more.

They do not know defeat. Can you dethrone Atleti?

We will do everything possible to win them. We have to focus on ourselves and keep doing things the same as now. We want to finish the year and start it in the best way.

And in Champions, do you see yourself with possibilities?

We already made history going to the semifinals. Why not another year? It's hard. For us it is an illusion. We would love to reach the semifinals or the final, but we left that as a prize. We focus mainly on the League and the Cup.

¿How do you face your first World Cup with the senior team?

For the moment, Jorge is calling me. He is trusting me. Both my club and the national team are at a high level. A World Cup is the most a player can reach and, if he goes, learn and enjoy.

Do you have any reference?

I always noticed Virginia Torrecilla, because we played in the same position. Every week I went to see her at Collerense.


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